Tyndale Greek New Testament


Last year for Christmas, I received the hardcover edition of the Tyndale Greek New Testament.

What I like:

*Smyth Sewn
*Font size is decent
*Edited by Christian scholars
*Handy size

What I don’t like:

*The order of the books does not follow “normal order”
*The textual apparatus is bare bones
*Little or no comparison made to the Byzantine text
*Hardcover edition does not lay flat toward the ends of the book


Donald Trump

I listened to a short speech that Donald Trump’s wife gave at what seemed to be a large rally. She said something to the effect that if you attacked Donald, he would hit you back ten times harder. The crowd roared it’s approval.

In my mind I contrasted the Jewish peasant Jesus of Nazareth to billionaire Trump. Trump is rich; He was poor. Trump hits back ten times harder. Jesus turned the other cheek. I concluded Jesus wouldn’t be very electable. “Bread and circuses…” is what the Romans demanded. Little has changed.


I have not encountered too many atheists living in the Bible belt. But in my interactions with atheists, it seems they have to borrow from my worldview to try to refute it. For example, they might try to claim that the God of the Bible was immoral in his actions in killing the firstborn in Egypt. But on what grounds does an atheist claim that something is moral or immoral? In theism, God provides the basis for morality, but on atheism there is no basis. What the atheist calls “morality” reduces down to “his personal preference”. All attempts of atheists to provide some sort of basis of morality come to nothing. Oh there are attempts. But the truth is there is no real morality without God. I am not saying that an atheist cannot perform good deeds; I am saying that there are no grounds for claiming things truly right or wrong–and deep down the honest atheists know it.


I would like to say that I have rarely been more pleased with a product or a company. This is not a Bible, but a fantastic tool to be used with the Bible. For every verse their are ruled lines to keep your notes. I really have nothing negative to say about this beautiful journal, but their at least 11 reasons to buy the JOT Bible Life-notes:

1. It seems to be of higher quality than most Bibles you can buy.
2. There are lines for every verse in the Bible.
3. There are lines for extra note taking at the end of each book of the Bible
4. It has a sturdy leather cover.
5. Not one, not two, but three ribbons.
6. Smyth sewn binding, which if you don’t know is one of the best kind of bindings available.
7. It is clearly designed to last, and passed down to the next generation.
8. All your notes can be in one place rather than scattered over many notebooks.
9. Its simply beautiful.
10. Page thickness. This is not a cheap notebook full of thin pages, but has high quality paper.
11. The owners of this company are genuine servants of Christ, and aren’t just in it for the money.

I have personally communicated with the owner of the company, who provided my copy for free for an honest review. And that is exactly what this is, an honest and enthusiastic appraisal. I am absolutely thrilled with this JOT journal, and tell people about it when I have an opportunity. I would strongly encourage you to visit their website http://jotbiblelifenotes.com/


Screenshot_2016-01-22-08-50-57  One of the really great things you will learn from this book is how to compliment children. We tend to lavish praise upon children indiscrimantely without regard to the long term effect. Children do need encouragement. But there is a way to do it that will help your children to grow. Of course, that probably isn’t the main take away from this book, but that alone makes it worth getting. Another highly recommended book.

Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice

This is a book I finished last year. It was written by David Teems. Let me say from the outset. Mr. Teems is a terrific talent. He has a way of bringing history to life.

After finishing this biography, I had a new hero. William Tyndale was an extraordinary man. What is surprising about Tyndale is how little we know about him in some ways. And yet  so many of the words words we speak are directly traceable to this man.

Teems has written an extraordinary tale about an amazing man. I could not help but be gripped by the story and the man. Highly recommended!

An experiment

This is my first foray into blogging, and it will be interesting how this blog evolves. I have a keen interest in books and thought this would be a good place to share my thoughts on what I’m reading and listening to.